How to attach the head to your knitted toy

In this tutorial I am going to attach the head of Duckie to the body.  In this case both head and body are ball shaped.  Sometimes when I write the pattern I leave the top of the body open, a tutorial in the future will show how to attach the head to an open body.

When I finished the head of the Duckie, I left a long tail for sewing on to the body.  Some people find that leaving a long tail is an easy way to sew on parts, others do not.  This is simply a matter of preference.

Next, I place the head on the body.  I like to keep it steady so it does not flop around while I do this.  To do this, I use a DPN and stick it in through the top of the head, and out through the hole that is made from drawing the stitches together, I then insert the DPN through the hole on the body that is made from drawing the stitches together.  This way I know that the head is centered on the body and the DPN will keep the head from falling off while I sew.

Now I am ready to start sewing.  When sewing on the head I like to go through two legs of a stitch at a time, for the head and then the body.

Step 1:

Because the yarn I am using to sew came from the long tail from the head, my first stitch that I sew will be on the body.

Going through 2 legs of a stitch on the body

Step 2:

Next, I will sew a stitch from the head, one stitch over from where I was below on the body.

Going through 2 legs of a stitch on the head

Repeat steps 1 and 2 all the way around the head.  At this point, I make sure that the head is not wobbly.  If it is, you can stitch around the head one more time.  Also sometimes you may notice that you did not stitch evenly around the head.  This is easy to fix by stitching around the head again to assure that all stitches are even and the head sits nicely on the body.

Next to get rid of the end of yarn, I run the needle through the body and out the other side.

I then insert the needle into the same hole that I came out of, and back out through another side of the body.

I cut the yarn just a bit above the body, pinch the body to pull the yarn back inside.

The idea here is that the yarn catches on the fiberfill inside the body, thus you do not need to weave in ends.  If you are concerned about the toy coming apart you can leave the tail hanging until you attach another part, and then send the tail from the second part out through the same hole as the yarn from the first part.  Knot the two yarns together and then thread both yarns on to a tapestry needle and insert the  needle into the same hole the yarn comes from.  Pull the knot inside, and put the needle through the body to the other side and cut the yarn.


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    Thanks for a great tutorial. I am knitting Little charley bear for my great-niece; the first time I’ve made a bear in pieces. Your tutorial is clear and makes the job seem much easier than I had anticipated. The use of the dpn is the best tip ever!

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