Jeremiah the Blanket Buddy

Last week I posted various pictures of my mystery critter with out telling you what it was.  Many of you guessed a frog, and you were right!  This week I have pictures to show of my frog and my Lion from a few weeks back.

First is Jeremiah the Blanket Buddy.  I am so excited about this guy.  Definitely one of my favorite designs.  He has long legs which makes him kinda fun.  He is very fun to hold and feels wonderfully squishy.  If I had a baby, this would be a fun toy to have.  (I confess to swinging him above my head by his legs … great fun!)  The pattern will be released on Monday.

Next, I finished my lion the patter is  Little Lion Sock Critter

Not the best pictures!  He is made entirely out of stash yarn, and I ran out of the color for the body with the arms and ears still to go.  So they are a slightly different color.  My daughter loves him anyways, she says it adds character.  Plus I was playing with her one day, and the lion was  in “surgery” and she says that makes him special.  :)  Got to love a kids outlook on life!

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    Jeremiah is the best thing ever. The combination of blanket and animal-toy is such a cool idea, and I looove the stripes and sheer adorableness. And I also want one to swing around over my head ASAP. 😉

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