Toucan Design Process

I often get asked how I design things. I thought, while I still had all the toucans in my possession I would blog about it. I actually started designing the toucan in December. During the summer my daughter made this little toucan out of clay for me.

In December I was looking for a new project and this little guy kept looking at me, so I decided to try and knit a toucan .

I rarely frog a toy, as they are small and don’t waste too much yarn, and you really never know how something will turn out until it is put together.

This is toucan #1. While I love his body and wings and feet, I was very unhappy with his beak. I also forgot to give him eyes, so he has button eyes. So he sat for about a month on my bookshelf.

This is toucan #2. I was going for a more realistic beak, and a yellow area around his eyes. I didn’t like this dude at all. Thus he did not get wings, tail, or feet (but he did get eyes!).

I then did some research on toucans. After much research I decided toucans where really known for a colorful beak. I threw all thoughts of being realistic out the window, and decided to just go for a nice colorful beak.

I kept everything from toucan #1, except his face coloring and beak. I added a new beak, and incorporated it in with the head, so it is all one piece. I am very happy with how this guy turned out.

So I ended up with 4 toucans, but my children like to adopt my toys that never see my Ravelry project page, or never make it into a pattern. Sometimes I put the toys in a drawer, and then donate them at Christmas.

So there you have a look into my design process. The toucan pattern will be released in the next week or two

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